My son has always struggled to read, and was diagnosed with dyslexia in the summer between first and second grade. We recognized this early on, and drilled him repeatedly on the sounds that letters make, so he was very proficient at “tapping-out” words, one letter at a time. After he said the sounds separately, then he recognized the word. But reading was NOT fun for him. In second grade, he was significantly (1.5+ years) below grade level, and we saw minimal improvement after having gone to tutoring and various other interventions.  After Carrie’s treatment, at the end of second grade in April, he tested slightly below grade level, whereas in December he was over a year and a half behind. That’s 1.5+ years of reading improvement in a 4 month time span!! Since BIT appears to be so effective for my son, we of course emphasized reading practice at home as usual, but backed off the other interventions. He has maintained those improvements with minimal intervention into fourth grade, and we plan to take him in for a “tune-up” to see if we can’t get additional improvements and to ensure the benefits continue.


 Two months ago, Reece was hit in the face by a baseball while pitching. Since then he’s been afraid to pitch and the team is trying to prepare for a trip to Cooperstown in New York. We brought him in to see Carrie for an hour of treatment and the next game he pitched was a no-hitter! Reece is all smiles now that he has game back. 


 Thank you for integrating my kids! Max, 6, is now sleeping through the night, has more confidence, and less fear of failure, & mistakes. His teacher said he is participating in class more, raising his hand to be called on for answers to questions, and has more confidence in himself that he knows the right answer. His teacher recently stated that he seems like a new kid. Sam, 8, is more open to being physically touched. Before, he would pull away from being hugged or touched. Now he comes up and touches me more, or even asks to be hugged. His perfectionism has mellowed out too. He is more accepting of making mistakes and he seems more patient with the learning process. His anxiety level is reduced both on performance issues, and circumstances around him. Also, he will now take naps. He stopped napping at 18 months and just within the last 2 months he has taken 6 naps. 


 Brain Integration Therapy has allowed me to live my life like a “normal functional human being.” What was I before? I was a puddle. A mess. To meet me, I seemed scattered but nice. You couldn’t imagine the problems I was having. I didn’t appear shy, but I was. Keeping a clean house or doing the follow up with clients, necessary for a successful business, wasn’t happening. All the lists in the world didn’t keep me on track. I simply couldn’t do it. Brain Integration Therapy has helped me to be able to decision-make choices, carry a thought and a task from beginning to end, eliminate fears, evaporate anxieties and give my brain a chance to function as it ought so that I can live! These days, not only do the mundane tasks of house-cleaning get done, but I get out socially and stay in better touch with clients. I’ve even begun teaching. My income has increased significantly. Friends, family and even acquaintances see such a difference in me they actually comment! 


 Ryan, 5, has improved his physical coordination to full-form jumping jacks and is able to handle situations where he doesn’t get “his way” without getting mad or crying. This is a huge improvement! Dell, adult, is no longer allergic to down feathers, which makes traveling more convenient. 


 I was an ADHD adult until I met Carrie Skluzak and was treated with Brain Integration Therapy. All my life I thought something was wrong with everyone else. Why was everyone so slow? Why did it seem as if everything was happening around me in slow motion? Why did no one have the energy I seemed to have? I knew I was smart but why did it take me hours longer than my peers to complete assignments? Why was I not able to stop when I became obsessed with a project? Why did I struggle with learning so, why were so many projects left not completed? My brain was moving so fast, no one could keep up with me; I couldn’t even keep up with me! I could never sit still long enough to catch my breath! Within two hours of my first session with Carrie, I was in awe! For the first time in my life I was experiencing what it was like to be normal. For the first time in my life I was able to focus without a hundred different things going on in my head and around me. No longer was the world going in slow motion, no longer was living so HARD! I have been able to make it through an entire television show without changing channels! I am able to sit and complete projects, have meaningful time with family, discussions at work, enjoy a game without my mind racing and my body wanting to race! For the first time in my life I am totally present with the moment. I am teacher who has a gift for working with struggling students and children with disabilities. Before BIT I only dreamed of the possibilities for myself and my students, now I am able to complete tasks and focus totally on being present to each individual! Thanks to BIT my life has changed and I am now able to change lives!