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 Children from pre-school through high school find their confidence and capabilities soar, making learning fun instead of a chore. 





 Ever wish you could toss away your troubles with reading or numbers and just live already? BrainAbility Essentials makes the business of life easier. 





 Become more adept at: Power meetings…Long, intensive workdays…Being fully present with colleagues…Switching off when it’s time to go home. 

Carrie Skluzak

Brain Integration Technique Practitioner

Hi and Welcome!

I’ve been on a lifelong journey to improve myself physically and emotionally (I was fat during my high school and college years and inherited my father’s heart plaque accumulations and a bit of OCD). 

As a mother, I have raised a child with ADHD and have been helping people with learning and emotional challenges since 2009. I just LOVE learning what the brain can do and how to support it. And, because supporting the brain means supporting the body, everything I have learned and put into practice involves lifestyle choices that improve the whole person, from the brain on down.

For years, I have searched for products and techniques that help with mental proficiency, while being affordable, natural and easy to use. My absolute favorites are:

  1.  dōTERRA - highest quality line of essential oils and products, which my family now uses regularly for muscle aches, seasonal threats and even cell regeneration. In my blog, I share ways to use oils for healthy living. 
  2. Muscle Testing - I teach Brain this and other Integration Techniques that help with focus and mental acuity. 
  3. For the spiritually-minded, the best program I have found - and now guide - is The Avatar Course materials

My promise to you is to give you my full attention so that the solutions we find together are customized for YOU. I am passionate about helping you!

I hope you find a few tips in here that help you on the healthy path you’re looking for. May your path be healthy and bright!


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